Getting started with advertising

Having signed in the Minimob platform, from the top bar navigate to: ADVERTISE.

A typical workflow entails the following activities:

  1. At the ‘APPS’ menu, create your apps and set up their details. Once an app is created, you can upload the media assets. The media assets can then be used by any campaign of the specific app.
  2. At the ‘CAMPAIGNS’ menu (or while configuring the details of an app), create the campaigns of your apps and specify their details. An app can have multiple campaigns, where each campaign has its own characteristics.
  3. At the ‘BILLING’ menu, make sure that you have sufficient balance to fund your campaigns. If not, follow the instructions to credit your account with the necessary funds.
  4. Provided that you have set up the details of the campaigns appropriately and that the relevant apps are set as ‘ACTIVE’, your campaigns are ready to run.

At the ‘OPTIMIZATION’ menu, you can take advantage of the provided optimization options in order to improve the performance of your campaigns.

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