How do conversions get tracked

Minimob employs postback tracking (or “server-side tracking” as it is also commonly referred to) for keeping track of conversions.

In postback tracking, the Click URL and the Postback URL are used for matching an action initiated by a mobile device user, as a response to an impression (e.g. clicking on an ad, viewing a video ad), with an intended outcome (e.g. a conversion, an event). The Click URL propagates tracking information from the supply side to the demand side (i.e. towards the advertisers), while the Postback URL fires back to the supply side (i.e. towards the publishers) information about a goal or a milestone that has been achieved.

When an ad is served, the Click URL received by Minimob contains parameters that identify each individual click action and associate it with the respective ad and partner (if a mediating partner was involved). Minimob stores this information and uses it to correlate a potential conversion with the corresponding user transaction as well as with the corresponding supply side partner (if one was involved).

In this way, each conversion can be specifically tracked and credited to the corresponding partner.

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