Logging in by using your Gmail credentials

If you have a Gmail account, you are given an alternative method for registering and logging in to minimob. So, instead of selecting ‘Create Account’, you can register to minimob using your Gmail account credentials by selecting ‘Sign in with Google’. In this case, it is necessary to authorize minimob to have access to your Google Account (Basic account info) in order to complete the registration process.
Then, whenever you want to log in to minimob, you can click ‘Sign in with Google’ and use your Gmail account credentials. Note that if you log in to minimob in this way, you cannot change your password through the minimob environment (you can do that through your Google Account).
It is possible to use the same Gmail address to register to minimob both by creating an account (i.e. by clicking the ‘Create Account’ option) and by using your Gmail account credentials (i.e. by clicking the ‘Sign in with Google’ option). Then, you can use either way to log in to minimob. No matter how you choose to log in, you will access the same account (minimob creates a single account per email address).


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