Viewing and customizing reports

At the ‘My Reports’ menu, you can view and customize reports holding information about the progress and the performance of your offers.
The following information is reported:
• Clicks
• Conversions
• Conversion Rate
• Revenues

Reports are produced according to the following options:
• Report Type – currently only ‘Offers Activity’ is supported
• Group By – i.e. how results are aggregated, which can be by: ‘Country’, ‘Offer’ or ‘Platform’
• Date – the period which the report will span

Note that: Whenever you modify any of the report options, you need to click the ‘Refresh’ button to update the report.
You can sort or filter the results list. The filtering options include:
• Clicks
• Conversions

When grouping reports by ‘Offers’, offers are indicated with a different color based on whether they have been removed from the offer feed or whether their daily conversion cap has been reached.
You can also filter the results by:
• Cap Status – where you can select to view: only offers whose cap has been reached, only those whose cap has not been reached or all of them
• Offer Status – where you can select to view: only Active offers, only Inactive offers or all of them


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