Click URL configuration

The Click URL is the link used for redirecting the end user to the respective app store in order to downloading the app, as well as for notifying minimob when a user clicks on the offer.
It is necessary that minimob gets notified through the Click URL every time an end user clicks on an offer. Failure to do so may lead to loss of reimbursement.
The Click URL consists of the following:
• the tracking URL:
• URL parameters:
– trafficsource [mandatory non editable]: the unique id which has been assigned by minimob to your traffic source.
– offerid [mandatory non editable]: a unique id that identifies the particular campaign through which the offer is being promoted.
– clickid [mandatory editable]: a parameter for holding the click id that corresponds to an action of a mobile device user. Note that minimob users can edit the value of this parameter but not its name. On every click, the user’s system must replace the clickid placeholder with a unique value that corresponds to that particular click action.
– custom parameters [optional editable]: any additional parameters that you may want to define and include in the URL.


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