PostBack URL configuration

This is the URL which minimob will use for reporting the conversions that are attributed to the particular user.
It consists of the following:
• the postback URL: this is defined by the user and must have the following format: http://yourPostbackURL
• URL parameters [optional, editable]: these are custom parameters that you can optionally include in the URL. You can specify any name for the parameter while for its value you can:
– Pick one of the predefined values that are available for selection, i.e. the system-generated timestamp and conversion_id as well as the values of the parameters defined for the Click URL. Note that once the parameter is created (i.e. saved), you are not allowed to edit its value.
– Specify a new value. Note that the value specified is a fixed value (i.e. not a placeholder for a dynamically updated value as in the case of selecting one of the predefined values).


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