API call: My Offers Details

This API Call returns the details of an offer that you have been approved to promote.
In addition to the apikey, you need to include the id of the offer to the url.
Url: http://dashboard.minimob.com/api/myoffers/?apikey=your_api_key&id=my_offer_id
HTTP method: GET
Returns: json object
The JSON object contains the following properties:
• id: [string] the offer's id that is unique across the minimob platform
• name: [string] the name of the offer
• targetedCountries: [string] the list of countries in which the offer can be served (country codes as per ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)
• payout: [double] the monetary compensation per each goal achieved as defined by the payout model
• payoutCurrency: [string] the currency of the payout (currency codes as per ISO 4217)
• payoutModel: [string] the model on which the payout is based (currently CPI only is supported)
• targetPlatform: [string] the mobile operating system that is targeted
• description: [string] A detailed description of the offer
• overallConversionCap: [nullable int] the remaining conversion cap until the expiration of the offer
• dailyConversionCap: [nullable int] the remaining conversion cap until the end of the current day
• weeklyConversionCap: [nullable int] the remaining conversion cap until the end of the current week
• monthlyConversionCap: [nullable int] the remaining conversion cap until the end of the current month
• appIconLink: [string] a url which points to the icon of the application through which the offer is promoted
• appTitle: [string] the title of the application
• appId: [string] the application ID (as registered to the app store)
• appDescription: [string] A detailed description of the application
• appPreviewLink: [string] A link directing to the application page in the app store
• expirationDate: [string] Specifies the date until which the offer can be promoted
• incentivized: [string] a textual description regarding whether the offer is Incentivized
• storeName: [string] the name of the store through which the application is distributed
• creatives: Contains the creatives that are associated with the offer. For each creative, the following are returned:
– Id: [string] the unique id of the creative
– previewUrl: [string] the url where you can preview the creative
– mimeType: [string] the mime type of the creative
– dimensions: [string] the dimensions of the creative
– locale: [string] the locales supported by the creative
• qualityScore: [nullable double] An index indicative of the reliability of the offer (the higher the better), which is calculated based on a proprietary ranking algorithm developed by the minimob development team
• qualityScorePerCountry: Contains the quality score per country. For each country of the offer, the following are returned:
– countryCode: [string] the country code
– qualityScore
• acquisitionModel: [string] the name of the acquisition model
• acquisitionModelDescription: [string] the description of the acquisition model
• objectiveUrl: [string] the link for redirecting the end user to the app store for downloading the app, as well as for notifying minimob when a user clicks on the offer. The format of the url can be customized through the UI of the minimob application, but, in general, it consists of the following:
– clicks.minimob.com/tracking/click? : the tracking url
– clickid: a parameter for holding the click id that corresponds to a user (its value can be customized)
– trafficsource: the unique id which has been assigned by the system to your traffic source
– offerid: a unique id that identifies the particular campaign through which the offer is being promoted
– custom parameters: any additional parameters that you may have defined when configuring (though the UI) the format of the click url


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